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presentation skills

Years of foreign customer service and administrative experience, familiar with office administration, have a financial base. Personnel familiar with job opportunities. English good, skilled use of office software. Mature, responsible and meticulous work, high efficiency prudent, service and teamwork. Married education.I am a cheerful and lively girl, the school served as the school radio station and the Department of Propaganda Department of the Secretary-General to organize a two-time broadcasting skills competition, with good organizational skills and writing skills, this role also gives me a more careful thinking, and proficiency in using office software. Participated in professional organizations, web design contest and other activities, exercise my ability to grasp the overall situation, have done tutoring after school hours, sent a flyer, with good communication skills. Increased through a variety of social practice, understanding of the society, enrich their knowledge, to prepare themselves to have more strength to work.Mind and the world economy of the cause, to adhere to "cast the law of the sword, scales of justice enforcement" of the faith. Good outside wisdom in the heart, diligently behind the quest is the persistent attitude of humility; Sincere praise around, filling the tenacious pursuit of excellence. Track in the vast legal way of truth, the social need to use the plot was thick, thin hair on the door of justice. In the pursuit of truth and the ideal practice of a long hard road, following the sundial burn cream, overcoming all obstacles. Full of soaring ambition,Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding observing clouds, laughter to be off the ground.1,Perfect Wedding Table Center had 500 companies in the world headquarters and branch offices engaged in marketing and brand management, product packaging, and promotion, consumers need to know to provide products (services) is the core of marketing, effective management of the headquarters, regional implementation implementation has unique perspectives.
2, master marketing skills: locking the core consumer groups, mining and clearly its main demand, the development of targeted brand, product promotion programs.
3, has extensive project management experience, specializes in the implementation process and the establishment of specifications, project budget management, vendor management.
4, there is excellent communication skills, teamwork, Plan a Wedding Ceremonyand computer skills (Microsoft Word, Power point & Excel).
5, during his employment participated in the "presentation skills", "time management", "Problem Resolution" and " project management" training, to develop a good professional skills.Serious and responsible, patient, down to earth, determined to forge ahead is my attitude towards life; Decorating Your Reception Table a strong sense of teamwork, individual effort and collective collaboration admired the perfect combination of my usual style of thinking; analytical, responsive features of my thinking.

you can do sales and marketing training

More than four years FMCG sales, training and marketing experience.
One year of frozen food companies market channels Commissioner, learn hard work and effectiveness of familiar domestic channels of distribution;
Two multinational salespeople, operational marketing meetings, temper the anti-stress, frustration and ability to quickly adapt to the environment, and establish good interpersonal relationships; year of European and American corporate sales and training, learning systems and processes, focusing on team cooperation, a good execution.
Stable values??, you can do sales and marketing training.
Professional skills and expertise
Good image quality, affinity, good ice-breaking, two years direct sales experience to create a good psychological quality, Modern Ocean Motif have a good sense of marketing and sales skills, good communication skills, have public speaking and training, as master of ceremonies, organized and planned meetings language ability ; received strong Guoxue, management, emotional intelligence, financial business, the success of science, the potential development of training, have a good self-motivation Three Inspiring Wedding Ideas and team motivation skills, good communication and cooperation with others.Learning ability, good communication, practical responsibility , heavy sense of responsibility, commitment and strong 2009.9-2011.7 computer 2007--4 squad leader familiar with their class work management tasks received honors outstanding student leaders to assist the Department of the teacher's work to help students overcome their learning life above problems 2009.9-2010.1 junior instructor in English tutoring to students in remedial English after the end of praise from parents 2009.5-2009.10 School of China Five Great Wedding Themes University of Mining Xu Department of Computer Science student Union Vice-Minister of self-management to help students organize various social activities 2008.7-2008.8 Wuxi mold parts sales representative month sales total of about 11,160 yuan mold partsI am cheerful energetic,Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas doing things stable, others with sincerity, he served as minister of the Propaganda Department of Communist Youth League School of the post, with good team spirit, working carefully and be responsible, active, hard working, open-minded with people. Have strong organizational skills and ability to adapt, was named outstanding Youth League School, the recent focus on the clothing designs.

one year online and offline marketing experience

2 years software development experience, proficient in Delphi object-oriented development, Widows Form development, proficient in SQL Server database development technologies and common data structures and algorithms, software engineering with a good idea, familiar three-tier / multi-layer system architecture;
3, good at team building, planning, organizing training, and achieve their goals. Good resource analysis, can make full use of resources, there is a strong independent, strong analytical skills, able to adapt to fast-paced work, strong hands-on experience and practical skills, can work independently;
4, the courage to challenge, the pursuit of a win-win business and individuals.
Professional skills and expertise
1, proficient in Delphi object-oriented development, Widows Form developers familiar with three-tier / multi-layer system architecture, familiar Socket-based network and multi-threaded programming techniques;Tips for Wearing Pearls
2, familiar with C #. Net, C / C + + language and commonly used data structures and algorithms, are familiar with. NET Framework Framework and XML, HTML, Web Service and other related technologies;Make A Bridal Shower Card
3, the master SQL Server database development technologies and common data structures and algorithms, are familiar with Oracle, MySQL, Access, database modeling tools and other familiar VISIO;Choose A Wedding Cake
4, familiar with computer network technology, familiar with tcp / ip, http, ftp protocol;
5, about JAVA, VB, MFC, STL, about Spring, Struts, Eclipse, Hibernate and other open-source framework.Comprehensive capacity well, a rich knowledge structure, flexible thinking, good observation and reflection, with a strong learning ability and comprehensive analysis. A positive attitude, tenacity, can withstand the pressure. Implementation of strong, serious and responsible, and detail from the overall analysis of the problem and then solve the problem. Military Wedding
5 years of his career, shaped my present. 2 years consulting experience in studying abroad, one year online and offline marketing experience, 2 years of automotive dealership industry, customer service management experience and comprehensive knowledge of the structure, good logical thinking, strategic vision, is the core competitiveness.
I will play all my wisdom, for enterprises to create value beyond imagination.

Monday, July 12, 2010

within 1 month

-Team work spirit. High Liability and Attribution.
-Respond well in high-pressure atmosphereprom dresses
-Comprehensive knowledge of International Trade and Banking Practices
-Participate in Foreign Bank Operation Department more than 5 years
-Obtain Plentiful Experience on Operating, Compliance including Anti Money Laundering and Risk Controlpolo shirts-To ensure the work complying with all Laws and Regulations
-According to Financial Management and relevant Report Rules
Career Objective:cheap lacoste polo shirts
I can start: within 1 monthprom dress Type of Employment: Full-time
Desired Industry: Bankingcheap prom dress Desired Location: Beijing
Desired Salary: 10,000-15,000 /Month
Desired Position: Trading / LC Officer ; Foreign Exchange ; Settlement Officer ; Loan/Credit Officer ; Risk Management a butterfly in my mind
I will forget

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jasper Johns' 'Flag' fetches $28.6M at NYC auction

Jasper Johns' seminal work "Flag" from the collection of the late best-selling author Michael Crichton sold for $28.6 million at a New York City auction Tuesday, an auction record for the artist.
Christie's said the work was purchased by an American art dealer during high-spirited bidding Tuesday night by phone and in the room. There were four bidders for the work, which took two minutes to sell, Christie's said.
The previous Johns' auction record was $17.4 million for "Figure 4," in 2007.
"This fabulous painting is a tribute to the great collector Michael Crichton who showed us all how to enjoy and collect art for future generations," Brett Gorvy, international co-head of post war and contemporary art at Christie's, said in an e-mail.
"Flag" was the crown jewel of Crichton's collection.
The popular writer of such blockbuster thrillers as "Jurassic Park," "The Andromeda Strain" and the TV series "ER" died in 2008. He was a passionate art collector, leaving a 20th century art trove of some of pop art's best known artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Claes ldenburg, Jeff Koons and Pablo Picasso, among others.
The sale featured 31 pieces, which sold for $93.3 million. Another 117 works from the collection will be sold Wednesday as part of Christie's post war and contemporary art sale.
Christie's catalog called "Flag" "one of the greatest icons of modern art alongside Picasso's 'Guernica' and Andy Warhol's 'Marilyn.'"
A 1960 encaustic and paper collage rendition of the stars and stripes, Crichton bought it from Johns in 1973 and hung it in his Beverly Hills bedroom. It has been exhibited only once for a pop art survey at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1992-1993.
Crichton generously lent works from his collection for exhibitions, but was possessive about the "Flag" because of his close friendship with Johns, said Gorvy in an interview before the sale.
Because of Crichton's deep understanding of Johns' work, Johns asked Crichton to write the catalog for his 1977 retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.
Within the art world, Crichton was renowned as a leading authority on Johns, Gorvy said.
He had predicted that "Flag" would "go substantially higher" than its pre-sale estimate of $10 million to $15 million, given that the work "is so superb and rare ... and coming from a famous fella and also from someone who understood the artist."
Richard Feigen, an art dealer with galleries in New York and Chicago specializing in 19th and 20th century art and old masters, said before the auction that he believed monied collectors would bid high as a hedge against the economy.
"I rather think that the activity in the stock market will probably stimulate people to put more money into art because art ... now seems to be treated as an asset class and as a safe repository for money and also a hedge against currency fluctuations," Feigen said.
"My guess is people will feel this is a very safe place, if not a dynamic place, to park $30 million more or less." he added.
Last week, "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust," a 1932 Picasso painting of his mistress, set a world record for any work of art at auction when it sold for $106.5 million at Christie's New York.
Christie's head of impressionist and modern art, Conor Jordan, said the price "showed the great confidence in the marketplace and the enthusiasm with which it welcomes top quality works."
Among other highlights in the Crichton collection:
• Oldenburg's 1970 "Three Way Plug Soft Sculpture," estimated at $250,000 to $350,000.
• Lichtenstein's "Girl in Water," estimated at $800,000 to $1.2 million, and
• Robert Rauschenberg's "Studio Painting," estimated at $6 million to $9 million.
Crichton was one of the world's most commercially successful writers whose many books have been turned into film. nike and addias
code life

W.Va. congressman's 28-year run ends in primary

Democrat Alan Mollohan became the first member of the U.S. House to be ousted this spring primary season after his opponent mounted a campaign that questioned the 14-term congressman's ethics and support for federal health care reform.
Mollohan conceded Tuesday night, ending nearly 28 years in the House. Unofficial returns showed that with 100 percent of precincts reporting, state Sen. Mike Oliverio carried 56 percent of the votes to Mollohan's 44 percent.
The more conservative Oliverio ran an aggressive campaign, portraying Mollohan as corrupt and out of touch. Conservative media rallied around the 46-year-old financial adviser from Morgantown, as did anti-abortion groups angry over Mollohan's support of health care reform.
Mollohan, 66, said his defeat was proof that negative campaigns still work and called Oliverio's attacks "totally spurious and totally false." But he acknowledged that he faced a "strong headwind" because of the national political climate, voter discontent and anti-incumbent sentiment.
That mood also helped end the 17-year career of Utah Republican Sen. Bob Bennett, who lost a GOP convention on Saturday.
"It's true there is definitely a wave out there, a national mood and wave," Mollohan said after his defeat.
Midterm congressional elections are referendums, he said, "and if people are not feeling good about what's happening, if they don't agree with legislation or they just are concerned, they express it."
Mollohan stood by his record, but acknowledged to about 150 supporters that he could have been marketed better.
Oliverio said his campaign worked because it focused on fiscal responsibility and personal integrity.
"We announcedour campaign 100 days ago, and in 100 days' time our country has fallen one-third of a trillion dollars further into debt. We have to get the country's financial house in order, and that's what we're committed to doing," he said.
Oliverio will face David McKinley, a former state Republican Party chairman and state House member, in November's general election.
McKinley said he was not surprised by Mollohan's ouster because "people just didn't like what was happening in Washington."
The outcome is a referendum on President Barack Obama and his policies, from bailouts of banks and takeovers of car companies to health care reform, he said.
"It's clear this is not the agenda they wanted. This wasn't the change they envisioned," McKinley said of West Virginia voters. "I think this is what this campaign is going to become in the fall."
For his part, Mollohan insisted that most of his constituents wanted the health care reform he has championed for years. He said he works hard to ensure no public funds are used for abortions and is confident the legislation achieved that, even though the National Right to Life Political Action Committee endorsed Oliverio.
Mollohan was first elected in 1982. He ran a relatively lethargic campaign until recent weeks, when he began airing TV ads calling Oliverio dangerously conservative and bad for business and labor. Oliverio had campaigned aggressively since entering the race in January.
Mollohan dismissed the attacks as a smear campaign that began four years ago when he refused to let House Republicans undermine ethics committee rules to try to protect former Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas.
In 2006, the Justice Department opened an investigation of Mollohan that is believed to have focused on the rapid growth of his personal wealth and his pattern of securing federal funds for nonprofits he helped create.
Mollohan stepped down as the ranking Democrat on the House ethics committee that April and stepped aside in early 2007 from a subcommittee that handles funding for the Justice Department.
The investigation ended in January without comment or charges — which Mollohan considered vindication.
The ethics probe was also a focal point of the Republican effort to defeat Mollohan in 2006, but he carried 64 percent of the vote over GOP challenger Chris Wakim. In 2008, Mollohan went
across the ocean

MRO etc

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